Those who believe that Malaysia is better off having non-Malays govern it (because they are incorruptible and honest) need to check their brains and see if it is still in their skulls.
Even if the ‘new’ set of Malays take over, we all know who runs the country right? The so-called new Malay PM in this scenario will just be a mere puppet who will loyally rubber stamp whatever those persons (who really wield the power) want them to.
Who are these people? They are the ones who want to rid Malaysia of the Bumiputera status, the Malay reserve lands, the declaration that Malaysia has an official religion which is Islam, the monarchy and anything else that UMNO has set in place since independence. All these things do not benefit Malaysia in their minds.
Of course, the new cabinet will also have more non-Malays than Malays and they will also demand a non-Malay person as a powerful deputy PM.
Bahasa Malaysia, the language, will be given an ‘official’ language status but other languages will be allowed too for official correspondence with the government and in the end BM will be shunned. English will be the lingua franca within ten years. There might even be the possibility of Singapore rejoining Malaysia thus the number of Parliamentary seats will swing forever in their favour thus ending Malay governance until the end of time.
But this is what the urban Malays seem to want and quite a chunk of rural Malays who think the Malays will still rule the country with the Rocket people in power. This naive mentality is quite cute. It’s the kind of mentality that most Malays in Singapore have adopted. They believe that after 50 years of independence from Malaysia, the Malays in Singapore are on par with their fellow Singaporeans and that they are equal in the eyes of the government and law. That’s obvious what since their next President will be a Malay because other candidates who aren’t Malay are not allowed to nominate themselves to be the island’s decorative Head of State. The Malays can only get positions only if they allow you to and that in the end, the position is non-executive nor functional.
This is the Malaysia that you all seek where the Malays will end up living in the shrinking villages of their childhood whilst the urban centres are for the others including urban Malays who would have sold their souls, their culture, their language, their peoples, their religion, their land, in the pursuit of the almighty cash.


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