I really did not want to post anything during this month. But because the usual suspects from the Opposition has decided to shove decorum up the yahoo, and continue to spill nonsense, lies and rubbish, I said why not. At least some people can decide for themselves whether these idiots are just lying through their teeth to topple the government or that they actually believe in these lies themselves. Either way, their credibility is shot.
Of course, what has happened is that this chaotic entity in the US called the Department of Justice (DOJ) is strangely bringing up the so called Kleptocracy Act against some individuals in the US and that they are trying to seize more that a billion US dollars of property supposedly acquired with money stolen from IMDB. If and when they succeed, they want to return these monies to the Malaysian people. Firstly, as far as we now legally, there is no money that has been lost from ImDB. Where these individuals found the money to acquire wealth in the US is not know but from what I know, they are already filthy rich buggers well before they got embroiled in the IMdB controversy.
IMdB has publicly announced that all the money they are managing are all accounted for, so what is this money that the DoJ claims to want to get back for Malaysia? And who are these Malaysian people that they want to return the money to? Let’s say they manage to recoup this strange accounting mumbo jumbo money that they said was stolen from the citizens of Malaysia by a government entity. Let’s just say lah. For the sake of saying. Then they return the money to whom? The government that they say is crooked? Or to the citizens via channels that only they seem to know? Or maybe to one of the opposition parties that they deem honest and clean?
Anyway, all these chatter on social media about ImdB lah, the mysterious pink diamond lah, and whatever else….it all looks fishy to all of us. We know what the US government is capable of when they want an incumbent government to fall – see Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia and Iraq to mention just a few. You might want to add Greece, Turkey, Ukraine too.
The funny thing is that there are so many Malaysians, or so-called Malaysians who are gullible and willing to lap all this up and regurgitate it all out again to the people in order to confuse Malaysians and turn the rakyat against the government, the leadership and at times even our Monarchy.
The rakyat should really not take anything at face value and check out the facts. Listen to Lim Sian See, a non Malay who defends and attacks the oppositions non stop stream of lies by putting forth facts and figures that CANNOT be disputed. Yet somehow the Opposition seem to have some powerful mojo or mumbo jumbo that blind the rakyat to all these facts. On this score, they are quite effective. I won’t say much about their governance lah…cause personally, they spend more time politicking and wheeling and dealing to actually govern their states for the sake of ALL citizens. Even the unfortunate and needless death of Nhaveen was politicised by them and blamed on the BN government. Every that is bad – blame BN. That’s their credo. That’s their strategy. That is the only way they can try to wrest the government from the people. Forget that our stock market is bullish and performing well. Forget that trade numbers are positive. Forget that FGV has NOT lost money at all as a trading company, and all the noise was because the stock value of FGV has gone down. And we all know that stock value can be manipulated by powerful external business entities.
There’s so much shit going around that the stink sticks to these people who spout them.
But then again, I might be lying through my teeth.


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