The King Arthur you don’t know of.

Guy Ritchie’s latest movie King Arthur is another big yawnfest. Whilst The Man From UNCLE could have been better with a bit more action pieces, his reworking of the King Arthur legend is a total fuck up. You see a bit of the Jedi lore and a lot of the Lord of the Rings  scattered about in his retelling of Camelot.

What is missing is Lancelot, Guinevere and Merlin. What is missing is a lot of coherency in the story telling. And to socially update the lore by turning Sir Beldevere into a black guy seems totally unnecessary.

Of course, King Arthur suffered from PS4 syndrome. The final battle between Arthur and Voltegen or Modred or whoever the heck he is looks like it is straight out of the Playstation console.

Arthur, this year’s biggest summer casualty so far. (Haven’t seen Baywatch yet)

Then again, I may be lying.

King Arthur the flop.


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