Don’t you hate doing business with someone who knows everything? Especially those who hire experts and consultants and then continue to control and run everything as if they know it all. Then why waste money hiring experts and consultants? You seem to know everything. You don’t want to hear what these experts have to say, and when you do let them open their mouths two things happen…you cut short their opinions or statements or you disagree completely and force them to agree with what you actually wanted to happen or buy.

These know it alls can be so infuriating. To friends and colleagues they praise these experts and consultants telling them that they are the best in the field. Yet, once these experts and consultants are hired, completely ignore all advise and opinions. They (the experts and consultants) are there merely for decoration.

Worse thing is that these experts and consultants know that this guy is talking through his a-hole. He must have read somewhere or heard somewhere these information and coupled with these couple of information, he has suddenly turned into an expert on the subject at hand.

Actually the reason he hires all these experts and consultants is that he actually wants them to agree with his brilliant ideas and suggestions. Which is fine, but the problem is when things go wrong with anything, he blames the experts and consultants for not pointing the problem out to him earlier.

You can never win with this guy.

And he gets away with it because i) he is a successful man ii) people are too scared to point out the obvious.

But then again, I may be bullshitting y’all.


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