I actually welcome the presence of Donald Trump in international politics and diplomacy. For once, the Americans can see through their President’s actions who they are in the eyes of the rest of the world. Yup, Trump is a true blue caricature of the true American.

Really. Previous administrations disguise themselves in diplomatic rhetoric and PRspeak so that the US looks like nice guys. They are the guys fighting for freedom and democracy.  They are the guys who are here to save the world. They are basically bullshit artists.

With Trump in the driver’s seat, all PR, all diplomatic cosmetics are OFF. And we see what the Americans as they are – bullies, idiots and an obnoxious lot. Those who praise and point to the Americans are something they are proud to be or try to be, are now the Emperor with new clothes. Naked and laid bare by Trump for the whole world to see and laugh. And yet, they are thick skinned enough to ignore and continue their reckless ways.

Personally and in my humble opinion, Trump will trigger the third and final World War. He is stupid and dumb enough to think that another war is a GREAT IDEA. A really GREAT IDEA. So it should not come as a shock to all of us that Damien Thorne and Donald Trump share the same initials.




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