The Sanctity of Ramadhan Forgotten – Tun Mudah Lupa

I wrongly expected that the attacks on our government by Tun and his cronies would die down during Ramadhan, or at least watered down. It is after all a holy month, a month to fast, to do good deeds, to reflect on our past sins and to find pahla to offset those sins we have accumulated. I was wrong. The attacks and lies continue. Nothing seems to bother this old man. Not even the purity of Ramadhan can calm his vitriolic attacks. Of course, using Sarawak Report to begin a new round of falsehoods doesn’t soften the sins of lying.  Layers do not cover nor lessen one’s sins. If you pay someone to kill another person, you are still the main sinner and culprit. If you pay someone else to spout falsehoods, you are still the main liar and fabricator.

Sad to see that how desperate one can get when things do not go one’s way. But what is sad is that he has declared war on BN and UMNO and no more just Najib. Previously, his beef was against our PM. So much so that he is willing to sleep with the enemy, no, heck, he is willing to sleep with the Devil. People he used to mock and attack during his days as PM are now his sleeping partners. Kit Siang and son, are now kautim friends.

Basically, Tun wants the BN government to collapse. And if you think it is because of IMDB, think again. IMDB is just his sleight of hand…he just wants BN to die. Simple as that. Once BN is dead, a new era of governance will be put in place – one that shall not differ much from Singapore. Let’s just call a spade a spade. The Chinese will rule Malaysia if BN collapses. The days of Malay political dominance will be wipes out in an instant. And because the Malays do not dominate the economy, their fight to win back the country will always fail. This is what Tun seems to want to happen. Sad.


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